Good Things Happens When You Not Concerned About Sounding Smart

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One day I was listening to an interview on Indie Hackers podcast where Courtland Allen hosts Josh Kaufman of The Personal MBA book. Josh said the following phrase and it stuck with me:

“Not being too concerned about sounding smart”

he said it while telling his story while writing The Personal MBA book. What he just did in the book is simplifying a lot of business jargons in layman terms that can be understood by anybody.


I thought about the following questions when I thought about the phrase:


  • What would I do differently If not being too concerned about sounding smart?
  • Will that allows me to ask better questions?


There were multiple times where I didn’t ask a  question because I was afraid of how I am going to be perceived.

So tell me, what are you going to do differently if you not being too concerned about sounding smart?



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