What You Imagine When Hearing “Thought Experiment”?

Favorite drawings when searching "Thought Experiment" on Google Images

I have a strange relationship with the phrase “Thought Experiment.” It’s cool, but perhaps because I tend to think it was overused?

If you are unfamiliar with Thought Experiment, here's a video I like on the subject:


I tried to draw what it goes into my mind when hearing the phrase, but first, I searched Google images and found pretty cool stuff.

Let’s start with what I visualize when hearing the phrase

By Frits Ahlefeldt

I love it. The idea is excellent, and the drawing is clean and straightforward.

Also, I find the following comic is funny:

Since you conduct only thought-experiments, we were hoping you would, from time to time, come up with some thought-results.

The drawing style is fantastic. I never heard of Sidney Harris, but I plan to check one of his books.

What phrase you like/dislike, or you think it's overused?

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