Specific Knowledge Unpacked

  Naval Ravikent talks about specific knowledge, an interesting concept that could help you boost your value which will either increase your wealth or provide you with more options on how best to live.  In this post, I will unpack the concept and provide examples to better illustrate what I understood from his lecture. What is […]

Book Review: Out of Place: A Memoir by Edward Said

I got to know Edward Said through a documentary that was produced by Thmanyah company a couple of months ago. The short documentary led me to watch a series of interviews with Edward, and I was astonished by Edward’s language use and expression. I was excited when I found out Edward wrote his memoir before he died, […]

What You Imagine When Hearing “Thought Experiment”?

I have a strange relationship with the phrase “Thought Experiment.” It’s cool, but perhaps because I tend to think it was overused? If you are unfamiliar with Thought Experiment, here’s a video I like on the subject:   I tried to draw what it goes into my mind when hearing the phrase, but first, I […]

The Only Business Book That I Want To Read

Every time I read a business book, I tend to dislike case studies from famous brands like Apple, Uber, etc. The reason being a lot of people from the outside shed light on some success factors and ignore many. Not until I stumbled upon Indie Hackers podcast. Where Courtland Allen interview founders, who made a […]

Transfer Of Power: Thank You Guido Van Rossum

Back in college, I majored in computer science. Between 2004 and 2007, I was passionate about graphic design, and somehow I concluded that computer science must teach graphic design in a way or another. ( Hey! don’t laugh at my thought process 😅) In the first semester, we had a course named CS 152.  It […]

How Much Time Should You Allocate To Wild Bets?

I was listening to Eric Schmidt interview with Tim Ferris when Tim asked him on how Google manages its resources:   Tim Ferriss: Could you describe or explain what the 70-20-10 model is? If that’s the right term to use. Eric Schmidt: That’s correct. So this was Sergey’s idea. And the question was: how do we […]

Polymath vs Jack of All Trades

Disclaimer: I am trying to wrap my unfocused self in some cool terms like “polymath” – also when someone asks you in a job interview how you know such and such, don’t mention the word polymath. I had breakfast today with my friend Ahmed, and the question around Polymath vs. jack of all trades came […]

When You Don’t Get Better with Repetition

Remember how they always say that you get better with reputation? Do you think this is true all the time? What about if you keep repeating something wrong over and over and you get 10% improvement instead of 30%? This how all started. I was reading Great at Work the other day, and the following […]

Good Things Happens When You Not Concerned About Sounding Smart

Image Source One day I was listening to an interview on Indie Hackers podcast where Courtland Allen hosts Josh Kaufman of The Personal MBA book. Josh said the following phrase and it stuck with me: “Not being too concerned about sounding smart” he said it while telling his story while writing The Personal MBA book. […]